Indie Rock Wars

So many lame jokes are floating around my head right now about this story. Perhaps it would be best just to let it speak for itself:

BRANDON FLOWERS has branded THE BRAVERY as imitators of his band THE KILLERS.

Talking to MTV, the singer claimed that bands like The Bravery have only been signed on the back of The Killers' success, and questioned the New Yorkers' musical motivation.

"Look at a band like The Bravery. They're signed because we're a band," Flowers declared. "I've heard rumours about [members of] that band being in a different kind of band, and how do you defend that? If you say, 'My heart really belongs to what I'm doing now,' but you used to be in a ska band. I can see The Strokes play or Franz Ferdinand play and it's real, and I haven't gotten that from The Bravery. I think people will see through them."

I wonder if the irony of that last sentence is lost upon Mr. Flowers?

The Matador Records newsletter is almost always worth parsing for interesting information. The March 24 edition is no exception. I'm still working my way through it, but two Stephen Malkmus items jumped out at me.

First, there's a rather, um, compelling promo image (see below) for the new Malkmus album, Face The Truth. Is this perhaps the cover?

Of more importance is this: Stephen will be playing the lawn at Battery Park on the 4th of July with Yo La Tengo and Laura Cantrell. Sweet. I bet you can guess where Rajeev will be on Independence Day this year.

Oh yeah, here's that promo image.

Face The Truth