Friday, February 8, 2013

More IDA scripts to reverse the iOS kernel

I added 2 scripts for IDA to help reverse the iOS kernel :
  • idpy-ios-kernel-fix-thumb-segments: helps IDA to correctly set the processor mode (ARM / thumb) for kexts. This way IDA will cover more code.
  • idc-ios-boot-args: list all possible boot-args for an iOS kernel (rely on code covered)
It is in my github.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I will give a hacking presentation covering iOS reverse engineering at HITB Amsterdam 2013 conference along with Blake and @p0sixninja.

More informations on my specific part soon, but you can already check details here: Mobile Hacking II details.

There's only 20 attendees possible on this class, so, if you are interested in mobile hacking and want to improve your skills and knowledge, book your tickets early.

My team @evad3rs (me included) will also probably be there at HITB for a full insight explanation of evasi0n jailbreak. CFP closes the 8th of february, I will know for sure soon after.

For news on HITB, follow @HITBSecConf on twitter, there's also this hashtag #HITB2013AMS.


evasi0n country statistics

Interesting questions from my followers regarding origins of traffic.

Here is the repartition:

China is the #1 source of traffic with nearly 3 million visitors.

I am happy to see France in the top 3! Now I am proud of my country!

Vive la France! :-)

evasi0n statistics, 4th of february included

A little update to previous post:

with the 4th included, the number of unique visitors reach 5 millions and page views 40 millions!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 statistics

Here are partial statistics of the website. Google analytics seems busy updating its database, so I can't show data for the 4th of february (certainly the most interesting figures, since it's the day of release).

Nearly 3 million unique visitors!

Thank you very much for the interest in evasi0n!

And thanks to CloudFlare for the quality of their service!


iOS rebuild

People have been complaining about not working anymore after applying evasi0n jailbreak.

We figured out that the jailbreak process messes up with A fix is currently in the works and will be pushed to Cydia soon.

If you are a power-user, and want to fix the situation already, here is a script that forces a rebuild of :

chmod -x /usr/libexec/mobile_installation_proxy
killall -9 mobile_installation_proxy
rm /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ 
launchctl stop
launchctl start

while [ ! -f /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ];
      sleep 1
while [ ! -f /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ];
      sleep 1

sleep 10

chmod +x /usr/libexec/mobile_installation_proxy

Before trying it, make sure to do a backup. It has already been thoroughly tested, but it is safer.

You can contact me on twitter (follow button on the top right) if you want to discuss of this fix.

I hope it helps.