Monday, July 23, 2012

Pwnie Awards 2012

I am nominated for the Pwnie Awards 2012 with the kernel exploit used in Corona !
Thank you very much to the persons who have chosen me, I am really happy and proud of it.

Here is the quote :

iOS HFS Catalog File Integer Underflow (CVE-2012-0642)

Credit: pod2g

This exploit was used for the Absinthe iOS 5.0/5.0.1 untether. It massaged the kernel heap into submission, copying over the syscall table and giving pod2g (as well as jailbreak users everywhere) a happy ending. And who doesn't love happy endings?

I can't wait for the results! It will happen the 25th of july at the BlackHat USA conference.

WWJC talk


Thank you very much for all that voted to the poll about my WWJC talk (3841 total votes).

Here are the results of what most people are interested in :

  • Vulnerability research (45 %)
  • Bootrom / iBoot exploitation (34 %)
  • History of jailbreaks and exploits since 2007 (33 %)
  • Explanation of iOS security features in detail (30 %)

I will focus on these subjects, and will also talk about the exploits used in rocky-racoon / Absinthe v2.0.